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I’m sorry that I have not posted on my blog for a few weeks.  I’ve been very lazy and have spent a lot of time lounging in the garden, enjoying the remaining days of summer (or what passes for summer here in Britain!).

Anyway, I will try to be more diligent in the future to keep you up to date with what is going on in my life.

xoxo Aggie



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Happy Birthday

It’s one of my humans’ birthday today.

Happy Birthday!!

cat birthday

Too bad I don’t like to eat cake.


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Keeping Cool

It’s starting to get warmer again, which I really like.   I try to keep cool by licking ice cubes.  Yummy!

aggie ice

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My Mum

Here’s my mum relaxing in the garden.

kitties 310b

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The Work is Done

Well, everything is back to normal.  The work is finished and I can go back to my favourite chair.

Notice the new stone wall.  It’s great!

kitties 314

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Safe Haven

While all of the work was going on in the garden and the men were trapsing through the house, my mum found a safe place to hide under the covers.

kate in bed

Well to be fair, so did I!

aggie covers

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Sorry I have not posted for a while, but I’ve been enjoying the long days in the garden.

However, last week my lazy summer was rudely interrupted when the workmen arrived and tore everything up.   What a mess.  Even the inside wasn’t safe, they carted tools, ladders and wheelbarrows full of stone through the house.

Garden Works


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